The weather is heating up and summer is going to be here before we know it! We’re sooo ready for the California sun and even though we still might be stuck at home, we’re ready to give our abs a little extra love. That’s why we’ve put together 3 of our favorite daily ab exercises that will really show you results in your core. But girl, it’s not just about the workouts

Abs are revealed in the kitchen and that’s why nutrition on point is soooo important. But don’t worry, we got you with the Guiltless Nutrition Guide to give you all the summer recipes so you can keep up your healthy eating but still enjoy. Download it here!

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These exercises are our all time faves to get those abs burning. Add them into your LSF App workout for an extra sweat and see those abs pop! What are your favorite ab exercises? Tell us in the comments!

Russian Twists 

Plank to Toe Taps


Heel Taps 




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